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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

IT - Not really worth going out of your way to watch it. If on tv then watch it.

I am so over writers writing movies about writers. Why can't you people just write about cool people that do cool things. We don't want to be you, your lives are just staying up late drinking coffee think about how great you are. Just stop doing that. If I want to see someone write I will go to starbucks and hang out with the "geniuses". 

The Clown is crazy. "Georgey" is an idiot. I'm starting to think that only stupid kids get abducted. Really? You thought there was cotton candy in the sewer?
The kid's dad is a dick.
The writer is a bitch with a stutter.
This movie has moving pictures, a monster that becomes your greatest fear, not unlike Harry Potter.
Jack Tripper from 3's Company is in this bitch.
Eddie is lame as shit, how are you still living with your moms?
Seth Green as a child.

This is like an insane combination of Mario & the Goonies.

I would like to see the clown pull it's shit in modern time. Lil gangbangers would bust a cap in it's ass.

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