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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Machinist

Bale is really skinny in this movie. He looks like a crack addict. He is way too skinny. According to wikipedia:
"Christian Bale starved himself for over four months prior to filming, as his character needed to look drastically thin. Allegedly, his eating consisted of one cup of black unsweetened coffee and an apple (or a can of tuna) each day (approximately 275 calories, or 1155 kilojoules).[4] According to the DVD commentary, he lost 28 kilograms (62 lb), reducing his body mass to 54 kilograms (120 lb). Bale wanted to go down to 45 kilograms (99 lb), but the filmmakers would not let him due to health concerns. He later regained the mass, plus an additional 27 kilograms (60 lb) through weightlifting and proper eating, in preparation for his role in Batman Begins."
It is a really weird movie.
It feels and sounds like a 1940's film noir.


  1. Man, that cat is crazy as a mothafucka

  2. Film noir has something going for it- I'll check this out.

  3. Very nice! I love all your blogs! Check out mine at

  4. I'm going to start starving myself again...

  5. Bale's performance was amazing, and Oscar worthy, but the film wasn't good enough and it didn't deserve Bale's amazing effort.


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